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PostPosted: Fri Feb 09, 2007 10:18 pm    Post subject: Installation Reply with quote
Installing Gallery Scraper, does not require any programming or advanced skills! You just need to upload the script package to your server and complete online self install form.

One install file does all the work about installing and setting up Gallery Scraper to run. The install file checks for all the requirements needed to install the script and will notify you if you do not meet any. The installation file is called gs-install.php and you should launch it through your browser after uploading the script package on your web server. The installation process is very easy for everyone, no matter you are experienced or a complete newbie, no programming skills needed, no html skills needed, nothing complicated, everything is automated. The only thing is that, you must know your MySQL hostname, your MySQL database, MySQL username and password. The detailed step by step installation process consists of:

1) Extract the zip archive file with the script keeping the path names intact. If using Winzip, make sure 'Use Folder Names' is checked. Also be sure to keep the file names as they are - no abbreviations, no change of uppercase/lowercase the names and etc..(most times the unzipping programs are set by default to meet these requirements, so you just do a unpack)

2) Upload all the files and folders contained in the archive to your web server in the preferred directory by keeping the path and file names intact! Be sure to upload everything in BINARY mode, not ASCII or AutoSelect. Do not ever upload and install the script into your main (root) domain directory. Always upload the script files with the "gs" directory or just rename it and upload. Don't make the mistake to upload the script files directly to your main site directory!

3) Once you uploaded everything Chmod to 777 the files "info.inc.php", "gscronjobs" and the directories "feeds", "feed_templates", "temp", "thumbs"

4) Launch the "gs-install.php" file from your web browser and follow the instructions there. This file will check if your webserver is compatible with this script and will check if everything is ready for installation! If you see bold red text at that page, then there is some error or warning and you must correct it before proceeding with the install.

In case you launched the "gs-install.php" file and see blank page, or page in something like chinese text, or some error message like "Fatal error: Unable to read XXX bytes" or error message like "The encoded file has format ID #######, which is too old" or anything else like that, it means the upload in BINARY mode is not done correctly. Please double check if your ftp client is really uploading in BINARY mode and reupload script files and continue again from step 2 of this tutorial! Most of our users have reported problems with WS FTP uploading in BINARY mode, so be awarned. An ftp client with which we never had problems in uploading in BINARY mode is Cute Ftp

5) The install files wants you MySQL info to be filled. Just fill the proper values and hit Install. The script requires a MySQL database to install its tables of settings. You can install it in a database that other scripts are running without any problems, but its mandatory to use separate database!

6) Once your script is successfully installed, login to your administration area using the admin password you choosed during install and make sure everything works OK. If so, You MUST delete the file "gs-install.php", it is no longer needed.

After a successful installation be sure to delete the install file "gs-install.php", otherwise if someone launch it, might mess your script up!
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